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Roof clean

Roof Cleaning

At Gareth Tye Cleaning, we specialise in roof cleaning using the tried and tested soft washing technique.

The majority of all roofs we clean can be scraped and treated without ever setting foot on your roof.

The Process

We initially prepare the roof by scraping all moss, lichen and algae from the surface with our professionally adapted roof scrapers. Once all the preparation work is completed we make sure all of the downpipes and gutters are flushed through and working as they should.

It's now time to treat your roof with our natural HSE approved Biocide solution that gets to work to kill all moss, lichen and algae at the root level. Our specialised biocide solution is a natural solution and does not contain any bleaches or acids, so is neither harmful to your roof nor more importantly to the environment. This process is a non-aggressive and longer-lasting solution to cleaning your roof rather than power washing.

With our tried and tested way of cleaning roofs, we can clean all types of roof surfaces from man-made slates to natural slates and all types of concrete tiles, no matter the shape or the design.

How long can I expect my roof to stay clean?

As with anything to do with cleaning there is no such chemical or solution that will completely kill moss and algae for good. It's vital to keep up the maintenance on any aspect of your house and your roof is no different. We do not put a time guarantee on any roof as it all depends on the environment such as how open you are to the elements. As we live in Ireland we have a very damp climate and this also increases regrowth.

Highly recommended these guys did a brillant job on our house before xmas. Rachel Breen

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